Kate’s Hooter Blog and My Halloween Costume

Yesterday I had over 1,000 views on my blog. I suppose I should thank the Duchess of Cambridge, Her Royal did-you-think-they-would-leave-you-alone Highness, Kate Middleton. A few people stopped by to look at other stuff but who cares. From all over the planet they came, hoping to sneak a peek at the fair Kate, lounging in sunny France sans top. Today, the viewership is about half which is still ten times my normal traffic. Yesterday I enjoyed frequent checks on my ballooning stats. Today? Meh.

This blog began because I was informed by several experts that a blog is obligatory these days for the author of two books. Might help me sell a few more books, connect with readers, that sort of thing. Regular posts rarely occurred and usually involved my two favorite topics in this life: wine and food. Only in the last six months did I begin writing about my experiences as a BRCA-positive breast cancer survivor. Now I cannot seem to shut up. My primary reason for writing about this crap is entirely selfish. It’s good for my head. I enjoy talking with others who are on some version of this same insane carnival ride. Also, it keeps me writing. There have been many days this year when this blog seems to be the only thing I can write.

On to Halloween and my attire.

Hospital gown time again.

10/31/2012 will be my 7th surgical procedure this year. After much reflection I have decided that I do not want yet another breast revision with fat grafting procedure. What I have is good enough. This means I can proceed with nipple reconstruction. The final step will be tattooing to make the grafted skin appear more like normal nips, but that will come down the road. The plastic surgeon refers to the tattoo procedure as the icing on the cake. I  already have four tattoos. These consist of four tiny blue pinpricks that helped guide the technicians who administered radiation treatment to my left breast fourteen years ago. I don’t much like tats of any kind, especially not today’s popular eyesores that were once the domain of circus freaks, but I’m ready. Icing is yummy.


Show Us Kate’s Ta-Ta’s!

Kate Middleton rocks a white bikini

So much fuss over a beautiful, young woman on vacation with her husband doing a bit of topless sunbathing. It’s the paparazzi and our endless fascination with the rich and famous that are the problem here.

No requests from every corner of the world to see another Kate’s breasts. Of course I am talking about the actress Kathy Bates who recently revealed she had a double mastectomy for breast cancer. She’s also an ovarian cancer survivor.

The amazing Kathy Bates

Frankly, I do not want to see either one of these Kate’s boobs. Hell, I don’t even want to look at my own work in progress at the moment. I’m kinda sick of the whole thing.