On the Move

Yesterday, in the midst of the wreckage that was once our master suite, Jim and I packed up everything needed for a five month stay in a rental house while our new home is under construction. He handed me a photo.

“Remember this?”

In my hand was a snapshot taken of us in Spain in 2011 in the walled medieval town of LaGuardia. I’d added ridiculous captions to the photo that had to do with a private joke about underpants. The photo was inside a small box with a gift I’d given to Jim a few moments before they wheeled me away for yet another surgery almost exactly one year before.

Moving is horrific and wonderful. All day long we snipped at each other, arguing about tiny details, squabbling over where or how or when to do certain things. That photo put things in their true perspective. Jim and I have been through many difficult life experiences together. The petty bickering was merely background noise. Yes, moving sucks. But it sure beats where we were a year ago and both of us are grateful. Exciting new challenges and more bad jokes about underpants lie ahead for us.

Arizona here we come. Farewell Vancouver, Washington. We will miss you.

Goodbyes and Hellos

Sort, pack, sell, get stressed out, drink too much wine, rinse and repeat. That sums up my recent routine. In less than two weeks we will be out of our Pacific Northwest home of fourteen years and off to the Sonoran desert south of Tucson. Moving cross country is a big, fat, hairy deal thank you very much.

Last year at precisely this time I was about to have major surgery yet again. I would never have believed we would be about to embark on this new chapter. Such is life. Filled with surprises, good and bad.

One day in early 1999 when the concrete in the garage had just been poured, my then fiancée carved a small gift for me. I saw it again yesterday as I cleaned up after the whirlwind of a garage sale. My last name was not yet his, but I got a kick out of seeing our initials this way.

At this very moment we are enjoying a wicked good St. Angel triple cream Brie and one of the finest Chardonnays on the planet earth, Marcassin. The peak of gorgeous summer weather has arrived. I feel lucky even if all my stuff is stuck in a box for six months and the cats are crazy.