The Angie Gene

Talk about a PR windfall. Angelina Jolie, mega-movie star, humanitarian, celebrity mom and fiancée of an equally famous man has suddenly become the face of the BRCA gene world. And what a gorgeous face it is.

This is very good news. Of course it is pretty crappy news for Ms. Jolie and her family. The same crappy news women all over the world deal with each day. Difficult decisions, uncertainty and major life upheaval come with the knowledge of what it means to have this genetic disorder. I am sorry for Angie, but very glad she chose to share her story and I thank her for doing so in such a public way.

The airwaves are filled with Angelina and people everywhere are discussing her family history, cancer risk, choices and treatments. For all those people I have heard criticize or stand in judgement I would politely like to remind you that she did not have to say one word about this to anyone, ever. It could have remained private. Instead, she chose to tell the world her story.

Thank you Angelina Jolie for speaking out. It matters to women like me who face the thorny array of problems that come with being a BRCA mutant. It matters even more to all those who did not even have a clue this genetic order existed until you spoke up. Your candor will save lives.

The Angie gene. I have it too. And I will keep telling my story just as often as anyone will listen. I hope Angelina Jolie will do the same.


7 comments on “The Angie Gene

  1. Mogatos says:

    The Angie gene? Yes, I am stinking excited that Jolie has shared her story with the world as she has tremendous reach and can continue to use her platform to educate and bring awareness about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and our community, but she is not the pioneer here! She doesn’t get credit for this. She’s just one of us that chose to greatly reduce her risk of breast cancer and then share her story. I don’t even carry any of the known mutations myself, but I’m peeved by that categorization.

    There is so much negativity and ignorant commentary floating around out there from people who are uneducated on the topic, let’s not add to it from within our own community.

    I respect your opinion and I don’t intend to bash (really!). I just want to share this perspective with you, but I don’t know how to get in touch privately. ❤ Thanks for reading.

  2. Lee Asbell says:

    I appreciate your thoughts. I did not say she was a pioneer, merely that riding her famous coat tail is good for the BRCA community. As a former marketing manager, I can tell you this kind of publicity cannot be purchased at any price. People can relate better to a name like “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” than they can ALS. I think the Angie Gene moniker works.

  3. joelleburnette says:

    Here, here!

    Thanks for telling your story.

    I wrote about my own BRCA journey in my memoir, “Cancer Time Bomb: How the BRCA Gene Stole My Tits and Eggs.” I was tested after my sister was diagnosed with her second breast cancer.

    Please tell your readers about my book if they want insight into the horrible decisions that go along with choosing prophylactic surgeries.


    Joelle Burnette

    • Lee Asbell says:

      Joelle- I read your book and thought it was excellent. I love your entire crazy family!

      • joelleburnette says:

        Thanks, Lee! As a struggling author, I truly appreciate that. And now the begging begins…please write a review wherever you purchased the book. I could use all the help I can get.

        Thanks for reading!
        Joelle Burnette

      • Lee Asbell says:

        Joey, I already wrote a review on Amazon. It was anonymous. Keep up the good work!

        Sent from my iPad

  4. joelleburnette says:

    You’re awesome! Thanks!!!

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