BRCA Surgeries: 1 Year Later

In two days time it will be one year since my initial mastectomy/reconstruction surgery. What a year. And the adventure continues. A visit to the plastic surgeon is on the calendar in a few days to check the new nips and give me (hopefully) the go-ahead to schedule tattooing. Not everyone chooses nipple reconstruction or the tattoos that make the nips look flesh colored. I cannot say I am looking forward to the needle treatment but being really, truly all done will be marvelous.

In the mean time, it is tax season and around here that coincides with retirement planning. It is very nice to worry more about 401k stuff than boobs.


4 comments on “BRCA Surgeries: 1 Year Later

  1. bsf says:

    My PCP just had her nipples tattooed. She said she did feel it, but it was completely bearable because of the lack of total sensitivity in her breasts. I feel like if I’m going to go through the pain of tattooing, it better be for something awesome and cool that people other than just me and my husband get to see! But I bet it’s not nearly as bad as it would be anywhere else on your body. I’ll definitely be interested to hear how that goes though, since I might do it down the line as well! Good luck with your ps!

    • Lee Asbell says:

      Thanks! I have seen all sorts of exotic tats after this surgery but I will be very happy just to have some boring boobies.

  2. I thought you wrote “fresh colored”. 🙂

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