BRCA testing: The next generation, Adventures in cardiac surgery

So, yesterday while we waited for my Mom to have her cardiac catheterization procedure I kept her entertained with my new iPad. She tolerates computers but is not a tech aficionado. An email popped up and I stood next to her bed so she could see the good news.

My oldest niece got her BRCA test results back yesterday. She is negative! Of course this does not mean that she can forget about cancer since both sides of her family tree are full of it, but it is very good news indeed. A bright spot in a long day.

Tired and grimy after a very long overnight series of flights, I waited while the docs trolled around inside Mom’s heart looking at her arteries and valves. Afterward the doctor told me she is in excellent shape, other than her leaky mitral valve. He said “Once we repair her mitral valve she will be heading for triple digits.” More good news.

In about an hour surgery will begin. So far I am very pleased with the nice folks at Rochester General. I had a wicked good Greek salad for lunch, got free coffee, a place to park my luggage, a helpful series of people who kept me from getting lost and the hospital security guy drove me to my hotel. I am amazed.


One comment on “BRCA testing: The next generation, Adventures in cardiac surgery

  1. Talk about making the best of a bad situation – it *almost* sounds like a good day! I’m glad your Mom will be fine, and I’m sure you’re looking forward to having her around until triple digits! xo

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