More Surgery, Pisco Sours and A Really Good Movie

Just over a week until The Great Pumpkin brings me surgery number 7 for 2012. More cut and paste is the last thing I want for trick-or-treat day, but with a bit of luck it will be the last one in my BRCA surgical adventure story. That alone is worthy of celebration. On that same Halloween day my sister will have her pre-op appointment in preparation for her upcoming DIEP flap surgery. For my family, the BRCA rollercoaster continues.

Yesterday James and I spent a lovely day indulging ourselves. We had brunch at a superb restaurant in Portland’s Pearl District called Andina. It had been far too long since we enjoyed what they describe as “novoperuvian” cuisine. It’s really a marriage of the flavors and ingredients of many South American cultures with a new world vibe.

Enjoying a Pisco Sour at Andina Restaurant.

For those who may not know, Jim and I were once the owners of a Malbec vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. From the traditional brandy (Pisco) to the quinoa studded shrimp, asparagus with chimichurri and an alfajore for dessert, dining at Andina was like an afternoon in the tranquil wine country of Mendoza. Although we got the short end of the stick on our vineyard investment, it was a memorable chapter in our lives. I wrote a brief memoir called “The Malbec Diaries,” available from Amazon in electronic format.

The Tiny Madam Vineyard in 2007, Uco Valley, Mendoza Argentina

We spent the afternoon shopping, soaked in the tub, watched football and had a 1998 Leonetti Cabernet with our dinner of grilled beef tenderloin, carmelized onions and Brussells sprouts. Not a bad send off for my last day of consuming alcohol until after I’ve recovered from surgery #7.

We capped off this delicious, lazy day with one of themost enjoyable movies I’ve seen in ages. Moonrise Kingdom. So beautifully directed by the quirky and brilliant Wes Anderson. Ah, love.

Moonrise Kingdom – a little jewel of a movie.


2 comments on “More Surgery, Pisco Sours and A Really Good Movie

  1. Sounds like a lovely time!

  2. Now THAT is the way to spend a day.

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