OK, so this has nothing to do with my usual topics. The author Harry Harrison passed away a few days ago. Here’s a great blog post about a story he wrote with my Dad, Hubert Pritchard, in the late 50’s.

Harry Harrison News Blog

Here’s a tasteful little story, which Harry Harrison has occasionally referred to in interviews, using the title ‘I Ate a Pygmy.’ This ‘true’ adventure was made up by HH and collaborator Hubert Pritchard, and the accompanying photograph – not for the squeamish! – was also faked by the two of them. The human arm was modelled in clay by Pritchard, I think, and the photograph was taken by HH, who carefully adjusted the focus so that the image was slightly blurred. The arm was then covered with a ten cent can of stew, which Harrison and Pritchard were intending to eat once the photoshoot was completed – but the image they created was so revolting that they lost their appetites for stew!

The Unholiest Banquet
by ‘Hugh Fitzpatrick’ [Harry Harrison & Hubert Pritchard] (1958)


My heart hammered a loud echo in my ears as George knocked on the front door. We were…

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  1. Awesome, awesome story. This was such a thrilling read, and to think your Dad was part of it – gives me chills!

  2. Lee Asbell says:

    Thanks, Sassy!

  3. Glad you liked the Pygmy story, Lee. I have more HH / HP collaborations I’d be happy to share with you – drop me an e-mail.

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