BRCA Surgeries: Stage II is History

Fair warning. I am drugged and this is a very good thing.

Ovaries and tubes are toast. Various boob defects repaired, scars revised and I’m sandwiched into the compression garment. They took fat from my hips and upper belly to graft. Yanking up those Spanx over the bruising hurts like hell, but that is why aforementioned drugs are so good.

Had the usual IV nightmare. Chemo left me without much to stick. At least I did not have to get a central line.

Oddly enough I wound up on the same ward in the exact same room that I spent most of my twelve days in last time. Everyone recognized me, right down to the cleaning lady. They were glad to see me do so well this time and that was very nice.

Now we wait a few days on the path report. I’m keeping my fingers crossed there’s no sign of ovarian cancer. In the mean time I’ll keep popping pills and enjoy Jim fussing over me.

Thank you to everyone who phoned, e-mailed, texted or stopped by. I am a happy camper.


4 comments on “BRCA Surgeries: Stage II is History

  1. decisionsformyfamily says:

    Sounds like your spirits are good! My prayers and positive thoughts are with you! Keep the drugs close and the best to you!

  2. Gotta love the good drugs! LOL. I’m post mastectomy by only a few days…so I’m a newbie to the cancer front, not sure where my road will take me. Looking forward to reading your blog and I’m also sending you positive thoughts.

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