BRCA Surgery: 48 Hour Countdown

48 Hours was one of Eddie Murphy’s funniest movies. It’s also the name of a long-running TV show and the exact amount of time before my next surgery. Yes, I am feeling a bit crazy and that is to be expected. Last time I disappeared down the surgery wormhole it took a long time to surface again. The closer it gets, the busier I get. Who says avoidance is not a good thing?

Yesterday’s distractions included cleaning the oven, laundry, shopping and some dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s. 73% dark Belgian chocolate is good for the soul if not the skinny jeans. James is on a road trip to the Midwest and this gives me license to watch weird stuff at night on Netflix that would put him to sleep. Another good time killer.

I wish sleeping was easier.Less than six hours last night. Been up since before 4AM.

Today, it’s off to treadmill land, more work around the house and lunch with a friend. Writing a single word other than this blog and a to-do list is just not happening. I will survey my nest and purchase anything else I think might be needed. Last weekend I bought Spanx to wear after surgery. Doctor’s orders. Shapewear they call it. I call it a high-tech girdle. Less onerous than what my mother’s generation wore, but the thought of a bruised belly being squashed twenty-three hours a day in a compression garment is not pleasant. Still, if it helps the lumps and bumps created by fat grafting settle better, I will be a good girl and do as I’m told.

My husband had never heard of Spanx. His dyslexia took over and renamed them. They will forever be known around here as Skankies. I hope we will be laughing about this when he has to help me put them on.

Spanx Girl Shorts aka “Skankies”




2 comments on “BRCA Surgery: 48 Hour Countdown

  1. decisionsformyfamily says:

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I hope all goes well with your surgery. I actually put on regular shorts today for my doctors visit and welcomed getting home to my “shaper” shorts. Although binding, I find that they do not rub on the incision. Best wishes to you!

    • Lee Asbell says:

      Thank you, Christine. I’m glad to hear the Spanx aren’t driving you nuts. Your good wishes are much appreciated!

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