BRCA Surgeries: Hurry Up and Wait

“The waiting is the hardest part.” From the Tom Petty Song “The Waiting” 1981

Photo Credit: irargerich

Serious health problems come with a phenomenon that every patient will experience at some point. Lengthy periods of waiting. Sometimes the wait is in anticipation of treatment. Other times it’s to hear the results of a test or procedure. My favorite involves hanging out in a chilly exam room, clothed in only a gown, feet dangling, appointment time long overdue. After fourteen years as a breast cancer survivor one would think I’d be used to the drill, but I’ve hit a new low in medical administrative inefficiency and now I am on the warpath.

For two weeks I’ve been caught in a communications snafu between two surgery schedulers. I do not know which one to loathe more. Today I had to get one of my surgeons involved. He apologized to me on behalf of the hospital and he’s decided to do an end-around. He will contact the other surgeon directly.

I am not a patient person by nature. Neither am I stupid. Antagonizing the support staff in the surgeon’s office is not a good way for patients to get what they need. I’ve contacted both schedulers myself, more than once. While I would take great pleasure in ripping both of these women a new one, no F bombs have been hurled. Nor will I be passive and accept poor service. Patients must be their own advocates.

Rant completed. Unlike my surgery, a large pile of laundry and a dirty oven can wait no longer.


UPDATE 6/20: More excuses and apologies. No date yet. Sigh.


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