Breast Cancer Photos: Naughty or Nice?

Today I read about a woman in the UK whose Facebook photos were deemed objectionable and removed from her page. Her name is Joanne Jackson. Here is one of the photos in question:

Joanne Jackson – Is this photo obscene?

I decided I liked this woman’s attitude and went to Facebook to search for her. There were a large number of similarly named women and eventually I gave up, but not before I discovered the profile picture for another Joanne Jackson. Here is her photo:

Another Ms. Joanne Jackson Facebook profile photo

At first this made me laugh. Facebook is just plain daffy if they can’t figure out which of these photos does not meet their own “community standards.”

Images of women who have been through the upheaval of breast cancer surgery and reconstruction are readily available on the internet. They are a valuable resource for those in need of information on this topic. Many web sites and blogs include explicit photos of breasts in every shape, size and stage of reconstruction. They can be shocking, even sickening to those who have never seen what treatment for cancer of the breast really looks like.

One of the most profound and moving collection of images related to breast cancer can be found at The Scar Project. This non-profit raises awareness and funding for research by showing the world what living with breast cancer means for younger women. Breast cancer is not a pink ribbon. It is a brutal disease.

In a society where it is just fine and dandy for Jennifer Lopez to show up at the Oscars in an open negligee or for Moms to breast feed in public, surely we should be able to look at what it is that cancer does to breasts. Is Facebook the place to do it? Perhaps not yet, but I admire the pluck of the first Ms. Jackson. The second Ms. Jackson? Not so much.

Jennifer Lopez


2 comments on “Breast Cancer Photos: Naughty or Nice?

  1. Joanne Jackson says:

    Hi Lee

    I came across your article last night when I was showing a new friend the articles that had surrounded the removal of the photo from Facebook.

    Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely written piece. I noticed you said you’d been searching Facebook at the time to find me but couldn’t

    That’s me

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