BRCA Genes and Mother’s Day

My mother, my baby self and sister in 1961.


On Sunday in celebration of Mother’s Day, my husband and I will drive up the Columbia River Gorge for a picnic at a favorite winery. From a bluff hundreds of feet over the river, we’ll gaze at Mt. Hood, soak in the sunshine, sip a glass of wine and toast our respective mothers. My Mom lives on the other side of the country on a goat farm in upstate New York, far from any of her biological children, but in the company of many who love her. My beloved James lost his mother to pancreatic cancer in 1991. These two remarkable women never met one another. I doubt they would have had much in common except maybe an appreciation for a good slice of pie. In one way though, they were very much alike. They were and are, two of the very best Moms in the whole wide world.

It has been a tough year for my Mom with two daughters dealing with BRCA surgeries. I’m sure she wonders whether her grand daughters and great-grand daughter will face the same struggle. No matter what the future holds, I speak for our extended family when I say we are simply glad she is here to help us by being what she has been for so long – a truly great Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful Moms in our lives.

James and his Mom in her “Rosie the Riveter” days.




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