Zero Birthdays

Ladies and Gents:

Yes, it is true. I am entering adulthood in three days. Up to now, my spouse says I was merely a child. Probably true in more ways than one.

Now that I am on the verge of grownupness I can tell you the one thing I have learned is that every birthday is reason to celebrate. I have enjoyed each one with gusto since a breast cancer diagnosis at age 36. It was a major smack upside the head and a reminder that life is short.

I salute my dry skin, roly-poly chubbiness, achy feet and every other middle-aged complaint I can think of. I am here to celebrate my 50th birthday, and for this I am grateful. Each birthday I also pause for a moment to remember all of those I have lost to cancer and those who continue to fight the good fight.


Lee's Surprise 50th Party

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