Zero Birthdays

Ladies and Gents:

Yes, it is true. I am entering adulthood in three days. Up to now, my spouse says I was merely a child. Probably true in more ways than one.

Now that I am on the verge of grownupness I can tell you the one thing I have learned is that every birthday is reason to celebrate. I have enjoyed each one with gusto since a breast cancer diagnosis at age 36. It was a major smack upside the head and a reminder that life is short.

I salute my dry skin, roly-poly chubbiness, achy feet and every other middle-aged complaint I can think of. I am here to celebrate my 50th birthday, and for this I am grateful. Each birthday I also pause for a moment to remember all of those I have lost to cancer and those who continue to fight the good fight.


Lee's Surprise 50th Party

Malbec and Mendoza

To the Luxembourg financeer researching the Mendoza vineyard buying scene for his client, I enjoyed talking with you this morning. I hope your client will pay attention to the bucket of cold water you are about to throw on him. And kudos to the bumbling folks at Escape Artist who have finally stopped selling the out of date, overpriced version of my “Malbec Diaries” book. Amazon or Smashwords will sell you the current version for $2.99. While I am on the topic of Mendoza, a new documentary has just been released about the Mendoza wine scene. No, I am not in it. But folks I know are. Looking forward to seeing it later this year.

“Boom Varietal”

Obama and Me

Our president turns 50 this week and I will do the same soon. His idea of a birthday gift was asking for Congress to quit squabbling and come up with a debt ceiling compromise that will keep the US economy from falling even further into the toilet. Me? My wishes are far more modest. Some nice Ducks gear to wear to the football season opener on September 3rd in Dallas. And reviews for my new book. Less barfing from the cats would be nice too, but that is probably going overboard.

Miss Bubble aka "The Chubble"