Next Book Idea?

Over coffee and the newspaper this morning I found an old colleague. It nearly made me spit said coffee across the room. Long story short: a rep from a now defunct local printer went off the deep end, robbed a bank and got committed to the state mental hospital. Yesterday, he escaped. There’s more to it than that, of course. How do you go from an athlete with a full-ride scholarship to Stanford to a homeless, pain-killer addicted bank robber? Requires further thought.

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3 comments on “Next Book Idea?

  1. marian pritchard says:

    that’s how addiction is. not casual. it takes over and nothing else matters.

    • Lee Asbell says:

      True. I don’t know the full story so cannot draw any conclusions, but his presence at a pain clinic does not surprise me. When he was a young man he was in a horrific car crash. An uninsured driver creamed him and left him on the side of the road in pieces. He spent a full year in the hospital. He was kind of nuts when I knew him, but a harmless sort. We called him Dingleberry Dan because he was so goofy. It’s very sad to see someone who was successful fall apart so completely. By the way – you met him once. He helped with the move to your condo.

  2. marian pritchard says:

    can’t say i remember him. guess that was 12 years ago, but i remember the move. nice condo. why do these messages show such WRONG times? many hours off.

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