Malbec Diaries for your Barnes and Noble Nook.

Thank you Smashwords for the free ISBN number. Malbec Diaries is now for sale at Barnes and Noble. I expect to complete editing on my first novel in about two weeks. Publication in late July or early August. What’s next? I’m off to Spain to do my favorite form of research – overindulging in great food and wine.

Premium Catalog here I come.

The good news came today that “Malbec Diaries” has been accepted into Smashword’s premium catalog. What does this mean? Over the next two weeks the book will be shipped to various e-book sellers from Barnes and Noble to Apple and others. A wider audience is a good thing for any writer. I wish my beloved husband was correct about the “we’ll be rich soon” part.

About “Malbec Diaries”

Yes, this is the same basic story that I wrote in 2006-2007 and was for sale on the website “Escape Artist” for $20. In 2010 I wrote an update that documents how we crashed, burned and sold the property we thought would be our retirement dream. Escape Artist dinked around for a year with the update and never published it. My apologies to anyone who spent $20 and did not get the full story. Contact me and I will gladly give you the updated version at no charge.